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Trying virtual hairstyles is a great, painless and cheap way to find a new hairstyle or your next haircut and hair color. It can be a challenge to work out if the hairstyles you like on others will suit you. Will a style flatter your face shape and work with your type of hair?

The Virtual Hairstyler allows you to view yourself with over 12,000 hairstyles, 50 colorations, and 35 highlights. Choosing a new coiffure and knowing how it’ll look without the hazard of reducing your hair has never been easier

If you go ahead and try a cut or a color that doesn't work for you it could take a while for the cut to grow out enough to do anything about it. And you'd need to spend more money to get the color changed straight away. Far better to try a virtual color and style first.

That's where comes in. This website helps you take the guesswork out of choosing your next hairstyle. Membership of the website allows you to upload a photo of your face and try on hairstyles from the thousands in their database.

You can choose styles from different categories including:
  • Celebrity styles
  • Long Hairstyles
  • Short Hairstyles
  • Curly Hairstyles
  • Everyday styles
An important aspect of a hairstyle makeover is to know what your face shape is and to understand some simple guidelines for what styles will suit that shape.

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Finding Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

Finding Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape
An oval face shape is what we perceive as the "perfect" face shape. It is an inverted egg shape. However, it's not just the shape that defines this shape. It's also the facial features.

To be classified as having an oval face your features will be evenly spaced both vertically and horizontally. And your eyes, nose, and mouth will be of pleasing proportions.

If you have an oval face shape you are fortunate that pretty much any hairstyle will suit you.

All hairstyle recommendations for other face shapes are to create the illusion of a more oval shape or "egg-shape-like face". This can be achieved by adding or reducing the volume to "correct" the proportions of your face.

For example, if your face is oblong make it more "egg-shape-like" on top by adding some height (not too much because you don't want your face to look even longer) and width across the temples.

In addition...

If your face is definitely longer than wide your hairstyles should also appear to shorten your face shape

If your face is about the same in length and width your hairstyles should also appear to lengthen your face.