How To Make Money Sending Emails (Free to Get Started)

How To Make Money Sending Emails (Free to Get Started)

This article will teach you how to make money sending emails as well as how to start with emails totally free.

You sell a $10 product to a list of 1000 email subscribers. You can make $100 with just one email if the conversion is only 1%.

If you sold 100K email subscribers a $20–$50 product that converted at a rate of 2-3%, think about how much money you could make. In email marketing, even the sky isn't the limit.

Because of the advent of social media, many people seem to believe e-mail marketing is gone. Even yet, it remains one of the best methods for contacting your target audience and income growth.

Sending high-quality material that your subscribers desire to read is the key. If you're successful, you can anticipate them to convert. If your emails convert, you can generate a lot of revenue.

How to Make Money Sending Emails 

This four-stage method will show you how to make money sending emails. is a fantastic way to get your service or any online business off the ground, and it's entirely free!

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Make a Free Landing Page

Any landing page is basically a web address that is intended to gather leads. It's a standalone page with the sole purpose of collecting email addresses.

Despite the fact that there are various landing pages, the form landing page is the most common. People can enter their email accounts into a form on this type of landing page.

You want as many individuals as possible to provide their email addresses. Utilize social media and other channels to promote your landing page while developing a worthwhile lead magnet.

Create a Free Landing Page With

It goes without saying that you can use Elementor or Divi to build a landing page on WordPress. However, is the ideal option if you want to create a separate page specifically for a promotional offer. is a comprehensive email marketing platform that allows you to construct high-quality landing pages, sales funnels, etc. You can make stunning pages without knowing how to code.

Best of all, starting up is totally free. As long as you have at least 2000 contacts, it is also free. Isn't that helpful for a novice?

Once you have someone's email address, you may start marketing to them and add them to your email list.

Create a Free Lead Magnet

When you visit my digital marketing ebooks and select to download one, a pop-up will appear asking for your email address. It's how I deliver that ebook to your email. The ebook is a lead magnet, and the page is an ebook landing page.

Anything you give out for free in exchange for someone's email address is referred to as a lead magnet. It may be a free booklet, a video course, or anything else that your target market would find useful.

The most important thing is to make sure the lead magnet is slightly elevated and relevant to your customer base. They will not submit their email address if it is not.

With the same idea, you may start building your email list. In exchange for someone's contact information, give them something useful. You can begin marketing to them once you have their email address.

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In Canva, How to Create a Lead Magnet and Money Sending Emails

Canva is a fantastic online design tool that makes creating professional-looking designs a breeze. It's absolutely free to use, and there are numerous designs and tools available to assist you to construct your lead magnet.

Here's how to use Canva to make a lead magnet:

1. Choose the sort of lead magnet you'd like to make.
2. Select an appropriate template.
3. Include your own material or use PLR sources to get it. (I'll come back to this later.)
4. Stylize your lead magnet with elements, text, and photos.
5. Select the appropriate ebook format, PDF.

Your lead magnet is very simple to download and distribute to your audience. Let me explain how you may use PLR sites to produce a free lead magnet.

Free Lead Magnet Creation Using PLR Sites

PLR sites are another free way to create a lead magnet. Content with private label rights (PLR) can be used in any way you like, like as a lead magnet.

PLR sites abound online, and the majority of them provide high-quality content that you may use for free. You must locate relevant PLR content and customize it to your target market.

The following are some of the greatest PLR sites:
  • BuyQualityPLR.
  • PLR Lime.
  • InDigitalWorks.
Writing an original article might also serve as a lead magnet. If you want to build a unique lead magnet that is relevant to your target market, this is a beautiful solution.

Create a Free Email List With Sales Funnel

I'll show you how to make money sending emails for free, just like I promised at the beginning of this piece. allows you to design a whole sales funnel for free.

Build Email List for Free With Sales Funnel

The complete sales process is represented by a sales funnel. It's a technique for converting a prospect into a paying customer.

To design a marketing funnel with, follow these steps:
  • Create an account on for free.
  • Click on 'Funnels.'
  • Choose "Create" to launch a fresh sales funnel.
  • Give your sales funnel a name and set "Build on audience" as the aim.
Create several pages for your sales funnel using a range of themes.
A squeeze page, for example, is an excellent method to just get somebody's email address. A thank you page also helps you build relationships with your subscribers.

Of course, you can add more steps to your sales funnel.
  • Use the web page builder to add content and edit the pages to reflect your brand.
  • On your squeeze page, provide a contact form and keep track of the conversions.
  • Go to 'Settings' on the dashboard to configure your 'Custom Domains.'
Naturally, you must add CNAME to your DNS records in order to verify your domain ownership.
  • Start sending traffic to your sales funnel, then watch as your subscriber base grows!
You can also email your subscribers using's autoresponder. This is an effective technique to stay in contact with them while still earning money.

Create a Free Pop-Up With

Additionally, you can create a free pop-up with A pop-up is an excellent technique to collect someone's email address and expand your mailing list.

Here's how to use to make a free pop-up:
  1. Log in to your account, which is completely free.
  2. Make a fresh sales funnel.
  3. Create a step, give it a name, and select the 'pop-up' option.
  4. Choose the ideal pop-up template.
  5. Create a pop-up with the page builder.
  6. Copy / paste the little script wherever you want the pop-up to display.
  7. Once your campaign is published, you may begin gathering email addresses.
So there you have it: a few of the greatest ways to make a free lead magnet and expand your email list for free.

Do you want to learn how to make a pop-up for your website or blog in a more professional way? Then you should look into Master Popups. It has numerous features and settings to assist you in creating the ideal pop-up for your company.
  1. On CodeCanyon, you can purchase Master Popups.
  2. Download it under 'Purchased License.'
  3. Install the WordPress plugin.
  4. Select Master Popups > General Settings.
  5. Enter your Envato username to make the plugin active.
  6. Link it to your email marketing platform.
Getresponse, ActiveCampaign, and other email marketing providers can all be integrated with Master Popups.

Make Money Sending Emails

Now is the time to use to make money with emails. Simply sign in to your free account, select 'Emails,' and begin sending email campaigns.

You may design and send stunning email newsletters to your subscribers. You can also use's autoresponder to send your subscribers emails on a regular basis. also has advanced segmentation tools that help you better target your email messages.

Here's how to profit from email:
  • Recognize your target market.
  • Introduce your email subscribers to a useful product or service.
  • Premium offerings or unique products can be upsold.
  • Provide useful material that assists your readers in achieving their objectives.
  • Make note of the outcomes of your email campaigns and adjust accordingly.
So, utilizing, these are some of the finest ways to make money with emails.

Conclusion: How to Make Money Sending Emails for Free

So there you have it: a few of the greatest ways to make a free lead magnet and expand your email list for free. Create a lead magnet, execute an email marketing campaign, and grow your email list with

If you really want to make an impact, go with Getresponse premium services and start making money with email marketing right away. If you have any queries about email marketing with, please contact me. I'd be delighted to assist.