7 Best YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022 (Free & Paid)

7 Best YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you really want to make a strong start on YouTube? To begin researching your video subjects, you'll need the best YouTube keyword tool. I'll provide you with a list of the top 7 YouTube keyword research tools in this post. Some are free, while others need payment.

Youtube has around 2 billion logged-in users every month all throughout the world. So if you ever want to break into the YouTube ecosystem, you'll have to work hard.

There isn't an official YouTube keyword research tool, which is unfortunate. However, there are numerous third-party tools available to assist you in conducting content research for your YouTube channel.

Let me explain how the top 7 function and how you may use them to promote your YouTube channel. Sounds exciting? Let's get started.

Best YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022 

Some of these programs, such as H-Supertools is free to use indefinitely, while others, such as TubeBuddy, require payment. So let's take a look at each one individually so you can pick the best keyword research tool for YouTube.

TubeBuddy: Best Paid YouTube Keyword Tool in 2022

TubeBuddy is a free browser toolbar that helps you with keyword research as well as other Channel on youtube tasks. Depending on the requirements, the addition includes paid options starting from $7.2 to $39.2 per month.

TubeBuddy: Best Paid YouTube Keyword Tool in 2022

TubeBuddy is a one-stop solution for just about everything on YouTube. You can do everything, from enhancing productivity to taking advantage of data and research. The features are divided into five categories, as follows:

Using productivity features, you may do advanced video integration, personalize your frequent greetings, and format your channel responses. This also makes it easy to manage videos for release, design thumbnails, and also more.

Bulk Operation permits you to delete, modify, and copy multiple screens and cards from your YouTube videos at once. Without a question, simplifying the service delivery is much more smooth.

You can use marketing to decide when the optimal time is to post videos to your YouTube channel. If you conduct a competition, it can also help you choose a champion randomly. You can also publish the very same video on Social media.

Data & Research helps to keep track of every business action, back up your Youtube account, and monitor your progress with detailed analytics. Your TubeBuddy account can also be shared with members of your team.

Everything you've come here for is taken care of via video SEO. It automatically translates your titles and descriptions, keeps track of your rating, and performs A/B testing on your videos. TubeBuddy's Keyword Analyzer also provides subject recommendations, monthly searches, and other useful information.

Let's look more closely at Explorer.

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

It's a great YouTube keyword tool that allows you to acquire the most data about keywords. As an outcome, you will appear top of the search results and receive more visitors. Long-tail keywords can also be used to target a specific audience.

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

It's great because it allows you to find popular tags so that your YouTube videos stay relevant for a long time. As a result, even if you have videos on your YouTube Channel, it can help you rank higher.

Last Remarks:

TubeBuddy provides you with a comprehensive checklist that ensures your YouTube success. It also allows you to track the growth of your channel as it develops. If you're searching for a premium YouTube keyword tool to assist you to outcompete on the platform, this is the one to go with.

vidIQ: Best Free Chrome Extension for YouTube

It's a free Chrome extension that also has a paid subscription. You don't need to leave YouTube to use the keyword tool because it displays data from within YouTube. It's similar to TubeBuddy in that it displays search traffic, competition, related keywords, metrics, keyword scores, and other information.

vidIQ: Best Free Chrome Extension for YouTube

When it comes to finding competition, vidIQ doesn't have a set formula. However, they declare that they consider the total number of engagements across all social media platforms, as well as view velocity and views. TubeBuddy's metrics are nearly comparable.

With a single click, vidIQ allows you to export all of your video tags to CSV. Any YouTube channel's tags are shared. In addition, it suggests tags for your video. The 'Trending' tab may be found on the channel's page.

The option allows you to see what videos have recently been produced and how well they are performing on YouTube. The pricing is straightforward: the Basic plan is free, the Pro is $7.5 per month, and the Boost costs $39 per month.

So just get began for free with Primary, upgrade to Pro for more statistics and keyword research, and Boost for much more viewers on the latest videos. Then there's Boost+, which provides devoted creators and agencies with personalized coaching.

Last Remarks:

Without a question, vidIQ provides all of the functionality you'll need to gain traction on YouTube. So, if you're looking for a TubeBuddy substitute, you've found it.

H-Supertools: Free YouTube Keyword Tool

H-Supertools is a free YouTube Keyword Tool, which is available for free forever. It is amongst the most valuable tools for obtaining accurate data. Anyone can just use the tool without having to sign up with H-Supertools. All you have to do is type a seed keyword into the search box and hit 'Search.' For example, I used the keyword research tool to look up 'digital marketing.'

H-Supertools: Free YouTube Keyword Tool

And here's what I found out:
  • The number of searches (which is 1M per month for the keyword)
  • Difficulty (medium 4.52 for 'digital marketing)
  • Keywords that are related, as well as their monthly volume and difficulty
The best part about H-Supertools YouTube keyword research tool is that you can copy and export the keywords to CSV. If you want to start your own YouTube channel, you should start by entering a seed keyword and then covering all of the relevant keywords.

Prioritizing your films depending on search traffic and the complexity of ranking will yield significant results.

Last Remarks:

I believe you should try H-Supertools YouTube keyword tool because it provides the most significant keyword information for free.


KeywordTool.io is a freemium platform with a number of useful keyword tools, including one for YouTube. When you type a seed keyword into the search box, you'll see a list of relevant keywords along with their volume, trend, cost per click, and competitiveness.


You can also utilize the 'Negative Keywords' function to filter out words or phrases that you don't want in your keywords. If you're looking for terms related to the fruit 'apple,' for example, negative words like 'iPad,' 'iPhone,' or 'MacBook' should be avoided.

Your keywords are also divided into questions, prepositions, and hashtags using KeywordTool.io's YouTube keyword tool. When it comes to prioritizing your material, it's quite useful. KeywordToo.io also allows you to sort your keywords in ascending or descending order.

Last Remarks:

In terms of keyword volume and competition, Keyword Tool Pro provides a lot of value. And I feel it will be really beneficial to your YouTube success. However, the plan is a tad more expensive, starting at $69 per month and rising to $159 per month.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer for YouTube

Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer employs around 640 million YouTube keywords, which is incredible. You enter your seed keyword and clickstream returns vital information such as global and local volume, clicks, and more.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer for YouTube

Every month, you may check how so many users search for a keyword on YouTube. You may also find out how many people have seen a video after searching for a specific term.

You can transfer all of the information from Ahrefs to CSV or other file formats. If you subscribe to Ahrefs, you'll never run out of ideas. Why? It's because it contains a plethora of keyword suggestions for practically every search term.

Last Remarks:

For YouTube growth, Ahrefs' Keyword Explorer can be gold. If you have a subscription to Ahrefs. However, I would not recommend purchasing the subscription purely for the purpose of conducting YouTube keyword research.


Morningfa.Me is a new and invitation-only YouTube keyword tool. If you're newly starting up on YouTube, the monthly fee is $4.90. The application also comes with a keyword research tool and detailed channel analytics.


MorningFame's YouTube Keyword Research Tool is jam-packed with features that will help you expand your channel like a pro. Let's take a look at what they've got to offer:

Choose a Video Topic: To assist you in coming up with keywords based on your subject or video, choose a video topic.

Select a Target Search Term: compile a list of frequent and rare terms that are linked to your core keyword.

Search & Evaluate Your Target Keyword: Determine the ranking potential of your target keyword by conducting a search and evaluating it.

Optimizing Your Metadata: Make your content as keyword-relevant as possible by optimizing your metadata.

So, if you're searching for a no-nonsense YouTube keyword tool, I think MorningFame is a good option. It's also quite reasonably priced.

Last Remarks:

Enter the H-Supertools YT Keyword Tool into the YouTube search field and choose from the auto-suggested keywords. If you really choose one tool to get everything, MorningFame is the way to go.

Autosuggest on YouTube: (Not a Tool, But a Valuable YouTube Feature)

Nothing beats YouTube's platform when it comes to keyword research. Hover over the YouTube search bar and type your seed keyword into the search box without pushing the search button. A few keywords relevant to your root keyword are suggested by YouTube.

Autosuggest on YouTube: (Not a Tool, But a Valuable YouTube Feature)

You won't need to go any further down the road if you use the YouTube Auto-Suggest option. This will give you a summary of all terms that people use to watch videos. Without a doubt, results can be fantastic when using long-tail keywords on YouTube.

YouTube, unfortunately, does not provide information such as monthly search volume. I use Tubebuddy YouTube Keyword Research Tool for this. It's free, and it tells you the volume and complexity of the rankings in seconds.

Last Remarks:

When it comes to making videos on YouTube, YouTube Auto Suggest is a must-have. It's completely free. It's also gold since it's genuine.

Conclusion: Best YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022

Making videos for chosen keywords with high search volume and low ranking difficulty is a certain way to be noticed on YouTube. Trends can also aid in the growth of your YouTube channel. And I know this because I've seen it on my YouTube channel, which has 200K subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.

As a result, I strongly advise you to use the resources I've provided in this article.  If you're overwhelmed by the list, let me provide some direct recommendations. Do you want to be free for the rest of your life? Use the YouTube keyword tool from H-Supertools.

Are you interested in using a premium tool? TubeBuddy is a good place to start because it has a lot of handy features. Are you a digital marketer who already has an Ahrefs subscription? Then, in Keyword Explorer, hover over 'YouTube.'

Please let me know which YouTube keyword tool you intend to use. And which of the tools on this list are you unfamiliar with?