How to Start Earning Passive Income in One Month with Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Earning Passive Income in One Month with Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income is a great solution to create great cash flow. You can still earn money through passive income even after doing your primary job. Or if you are able to build a solid stream of passive income, you can earn at least $100K per year.

I will show you how to create a real passive income business through affiliate marketing using my method.

Passive Income: Why You Should Care About It?

Passive income is any income for which you do not have to work. This is the most effective approach to rapidly increasing your financial wealth. It helps to focus on what you enjoy rather than money.

Passive income can come from two sources, according to the (IRS): a rental home or a business in which someone is not actively engaged, such as having received book royalty fees or stock options.

Now let's explore how to make passive income through affiliate marketing.

In Short, What is Affiliate Marketing?

Promoting or marketing other people's products: for example, I have a hosting service that pays you a commission if you promote it.
If you sell another's product, you get paid a commission.

So, what were the three steps I took to get passive money with affiliate marketing in one month?

3 Simple Passive Income Steps to Make Money Online

You must take three basic procedures to generate money online by marketing affiliate products:
  1. Choose an affiliate product or service to advertise that is related to your topic.
  2. Make content regarding the affiliate product you've chosen.
  3. Attract customers who see your content.
3 Simple Passive Income Steps to Make Money Online

With affiliate marketing, you can easily make passive money in one month after following these procedures.

First Example: Let's Look at My Blog

Through my blog, I advertise a variety of affiliate items. In this case, I'm promoting Getresponse, a free email marketing tool.

Getresponse Example

Bluehost Example

As you can see in my article I'm promoting the Bluehost affiliate link. Once people purchase a hosting plan through this link, I will get paid.

To summarize, start a blog, find the right product for your target audience, develop content, and drive traffic to it.

Second Example: Using Social Media

Social networking is a fantastic way to promote affiliate links. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to create content and promote your affiliate merchandise as long as you follow each platform's best practices.

Note: You can advertise YouTube videos and/or articles using a Facebook Page or group, as well as other social networking sites such as LinkedIn or even Pinterest, to enhance traffic to your affiliate items.

No matter what type of affiliate link promotion tactic you choose, using social media to attract an audience is always beneficial.

Third Example: Promote Affiliate Links with YouTube

Rather than writing blog entries, the next example includes providing video content. On YouTube, you may easily make videos for free.

Starting a Channel on youtube is quick and simple; consider doing so!

Youtubers utilize their channel to teach and advertise items while also educating viewers about digital marketing and internet business.

You can promote affiliate products relevant to your YouTube channel while concurrently making free videos with valuable content.

YouTube Description Link Shorting

They provide the affiliate link in the video description, as you can see. They always make sure to shorten their affiliate links while advertising them. When promoting, it is critical to use short links. 

They will receive a commission if someone visits any of the affiliate items through their affiliate links and purchases the application.

Fourth Example: Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective promotional strategy, but if done improperly, it can lead to spamming.

"Is it spam if I send mass emails with affiliate links to a lot of different people?" I'm commonly questioned. Yes, to put it simply.

Spamming occurs whenever anyone promotes a brand by sending an email in bulk to (thousands or millions of) different individuals (who have no idea who they are) and then waits for clicks and commissions.

The goal is to develop a secure business and promote affiliate items through email marketing, not spam individuals.

So, how can you avoid spam when using email marketing to promote affiliate links?

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Products

You must have your own email list that people subscribe to in order to avoid spam. You can then use email to advertise your work.

Using an email list to promote affiliate products

Step 1: Create an email list and start collecting subscribers.

Step 2: Share whatever content you desire with your audience.

Let's look closely at these processes.

Step 1: 

Opt-in Form

The opt-in form can be used to create an email list. You will see on various websites that the home page has an opt-in form. Which allows people to subscribe to email lists.

Step 2:

Once you've established a following, you can begin sending emails to them.

However, to keep them interested in your content, make sure you offer high-quality content on a regular basis.

Send out newsletters about new blog articles, for example, to promote your content using email marketing, which will drive more visitors to your website and to your affiliate links!

To use email marketing effectively, you must first build an email list, then send emails publicizing your content instead of the affiliate item.

Promoting Email List

Consider advertising to advertise your email list if you're thinking large. As an example, I'll utilize Facebook advertisements. 

Create the ad in Facebook's ad manager.

You can specify "lead generation" as a goal when generating an ad; this way, you can use a paid campaign to push a lead magnet and collect emails from Facebook users.

In exchange for users' email or any other contact details, marketers provide lead magnets to potential buyers. Lead magnets can be anything from a blog post to a video to other types of content.

Once you have a list of subscribers, you can send out weekly newsletters about new videos, services, blog articles, and other content to drive additional traffic to your site and affiliate links.

Bonus Tip:

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You now have 4 examples of how to use affiliate marketing to start making passive income.

As you can see, I use a combination of these methods to drive traffic to all of my content, including affiliate links.

If you want to create a firm foundation of knowledge about affiliate marketing before starting your business, check out my definitive guide for beginners in affiliate marketing

To summarize, choose an affiliate product, generate content, and increase traffic to make money with affiliate marketing.

Best wishes as you start your business!