How to Make Money with Canva Step by Step

How to Make Money with Canva Step by Step

Today We'll talk about how to generate money with Canva. Canva is free graphic design software that you can use right away. You can create logos, business cards, flyers, thumbnails, and even videos with their software. 

Not only will I show you how to get started with Canva, but I'll also show you how to go out there and locate individuals who are eager to pay you for your designs.

By the end of this article, you should be able to start making money without any difficulty. Doesn't that seem both exciting and promising? Let's get this party started right away.

How to Make Money with Canva

Following the steps below will help you earn a lot of money from Canva.
  1. Selling Instagram Post Templates.
  2. Create and Sell E-Books/Books.
  3. On a Print-on-Demand Website, You Can Sell Your Design.
  4. Website Design/Prototyping.
  5. Make Teaching Course Using Canva.
  6. Canva Affiliate Program.

1. Selling Instagram Post Templates

You can earn money by selling Instagram post templates using Canva. These are popular right now; if you've not observed, most individuals you are following generally have a particular color theme or prefer well-designed templates. You can sell these types of customizing templates. You can go to Canva and create a graphic where it says. Browse Instagram post templates, modify, revamp, and sell them.

Selling Instagram Post Templates

You may quickly design & modify Instagram post templates if you have a Canva pro account. You may sell your Instagram templates on sites like after you've created them. There are dozens of Instagram templates available at various rates, which means you can profit by selling your templates at a profit. For providing platforms for selling your design, such a marketplace takes a modest percentage of sales.

Because so many young entrepreneurs don't have the time to generate these themselves. They need some beautiful and well-crafted Instagram posts and other social media content to help them develop. They will come here to look for and purchase items based on their preferences and needs.

Another approach to market this is through Pinterest. When you go to Pinterest, you'll notice that people are selling and advertising their templates.

Fiverr is another place where you may advertise your services. You can also advertise your gig on Fiverr. Make use of Canva's various designs and styles. You may create and revamp by experimenting with color, text, and symbols, and then sell your work on Fiverr.

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2. Create and Sell E-Books/Books

You can make and sell an ebook using Canva if you have a decent understanding of graphics design. You can create interesting book covers using Canva and enhance the sales of your ebooks. Various platforms, such as Amazon's Kindle, provide chances for selling ebooks. You can use Canva to create, distribute, and sell your comic book or picture storybook.

Create and Sell E-Books/Books

3. On a Print-on-Demand Website, You Can Sell Your Design

Most of you are familiar with (POD) services, which permit you to publish your artistic efforts and generate a slight royalty on every sale featuring your design. You can always use your photography or graphic elements design knowledge to create T-shirts, posters, mugs, footwear, and a multitude of many other things, allowing make money.

You can use any of the Print On Demand platforms to post your design and earn a good commission on each digital sale of your design.

4. Website Design/Prototyping

Website design is another thing you can accomplish in Canva. As a result, you can create websites for others using Canva's pre-made themes. The use of website design produces Website design created with Canva is a website prototype provided by business owners or entrepreneurs to web developers for the creation of their websites. 

As a result, you may easily produce and sell a visual version of the client's website ideas. These services can also be sold through freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr. Alternatively, you can construct a website to sell your Canva-created website design to clients.

5. Make Teaching Course Using Canva

Learning the platform is another method to generate money using Canva. Discover all whatever you need to learn about Canva. Then go to YouTube and start making videos so that you can start generating tutorials. People are constantly looking for tutorials and attempting to learn Canva through digital media. 

You can offer a free tutoring channel on YouTube or charge your audience for memberships. By including affiliate links in your video and video description, you can improve your Canva pro affiliate sales.

6. Become a Canva Creator/Contributor

Canva is looking for Canva Contributors and Creators that are willing to share their templates. Once your request is approved, you can use Canva to create and modify templates. When users use those designs, you will be paid as per Canva's payment policy.

When you fill out the Canva Creator application form. Based on the volume of submissions, the Canva staff will contact you within just a few hours. You'll learn all you need to know about submitting templates as a Canva creator and earning money.

7. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva provides an affiliate network through which you may earn money just by introducing Canva to others. If one of your referrals purchases Canva Pro after a 30-day free trial, Canva will credit your account with the amount specified by Canva for affiliates. 

Canva Affiliate Program

It takes three steps to make money with Canva Pro affiliate marketing. You must first become an affiliate. The second step is to market Canva Pro, and the third step is to start making money. You will earn up to $36 per subscription if someone signs up for Canva Pro through your link. 


Canva is a fantastic tool for anyone trying to make money online. Their tools and services will help you succeed whether you're seeking to make some extra money or establish your own business. 

Canva provides customers with access to over 1 million designs and templates, allowing anyone to create anything they want without the need for creative skills.