How to Get 100k Subscribers on YouTube (the Real Way)

How to Get 100k Subscribers on YouTube (the Real Way)

Growing up on YouTube from the ground up is a difficult task. This post will cover four subjects that will help your YouTube channel grow from 100 to 200 followers to thousands, if not millions. I'll disclose how to get 100k subscribers on youtube.

Not only that, but I'll reveal a small trick in this post that should allow you to earn better money from Youtube and boost your revenue while maintaining the very same subscriber base and views.

Importance of Increasing the Number of subscribers

Let's say you have good-quality videos on your YouTube channel that everyone will love to watch. But the number of subscribers to the channel is very low, thus a few days go by, and the number of views is a bit disappointing.

After a month or two, the number of views stops, and the video seems to have died down despite its undeniable quality.

As a result, many YouTubers lost interest in working. So it is important to make good quality videos as well as increase the number of subscribers.

What are these four factors to reach 100K subscribers?

  1. Video Optimization
  2. Quality content
  3. Consistency
  4. Patience

1. Video Optimization

We mostly used video optimization to reach our goal of 100k subscribers. When it comes to YouTube video optimization, there are 4 factors to keep in mind:


When searching for something on YouTube, the thumbnail is the first thing that strikes someone's eye. We create all of our thumbnails with Canva, which is free to use at first but has restricted features compared to the premium service. Canva is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. Even if you have no prior graphic design skills, Canva can help you produce visually appealing visuals.

How to Make a Thumbnail

The Title 

The title of a video is crucial to its discovery; in order for your video to be discovered, you should utilize keywords with high search density and low competition. We use Tubebuddy's YouTube keyword tool to locate the proper keywords.
When you're stuck on a title, all you must do is enter your topic into the tool. It will automatically list all comparable YouTube terms, along with their search density, difficulty, and level of competition.

Using phrases with a high search density and low difficulty will increase the likelihood of your video appearing in people's search results.


In the case of descriptions, they should be appealing, direct, and concise. It's important to include keywords in your title in the description, highlighting them during the first few words, try to make sure, because these are the first words that people see before watching your video. Also, use the YouTube Keyword Tool to find synonyms.

Just because you used the most possible terms in the title does not mean that the rest of the results should be ignored. YouTube doesn't just look at your title; The words you use in your descriptions and tags have a huge impact on your video's SEO rating.


Tags are keywords that you can use to make it easier to find your video. If you've ever utilized Instagram's hashtag tool, you know the importance of including tags in your YouTube video. The goal is to use words that are linked to the content of your film in some way. As a result, your video is more likely to be recommended to people who are watching related films.

You can use the Tubebuddy keyword tool to find terms that rank second, third, fourth, and so on, in comparison to the keywords, you select for your title.

YouTube Tools: You Can Use

  • Morning Fame is a fantastic software that provides wonderful services. It assists you in growing your YouTube channel by providing keyword suggestions and generating the best tags automatically.
  • Morning fame is not free. However, it does provide free access to some features. You'll need to pay up for their premium membership if you want to use the software's full features.
  • TubeBuddy makes it easier to manage your channel. Consider it your YouTube production manager. TuBebuddy can help you run your YouTube channel more efficiently and effectively because it includes features such as:
Tubebuddy Tool

1. TuBeBuddy's advanced keyword research helps you uncover effective and popular video themes, as well as excellent titles and tags.

2. Less time spent publishing; "Get started right away using TubeBuddy's time-saving templates and tools to substantially reduce publication times."

3. TubeBuddy will walk you through the finest practices on YouTube so you can rank higher than before. As a result, no matter how fantastic your films are, TubeBuddy will make them even better.

4. Use numerous methods to promote your videos around the web and use your existing videos to generate traffic to new uploads with a single click on many platforms.

5. TubeBuddy simplifies split testing or A/B testing and tells you which of your thumbnails is generating the most views.

To Summarize How to get 100K Subscribers

It's critical to optimize your videos if you want to reach 100k subscribers. Writing the finest title, generating the best thumbnail, slapping on a fascinating description, and being generous with the tags are all part of optimizing a video. These 4 parts are known as the video's meta tags. Adding captions, subtitles, and end cards to your video, in addition to the meta tags, is an important part of optimizing it.

The Significance of Video Optimization

If someone searched for at least one term in your title after following all of the procedures above, your video would appear in the top 10 videos.
Optimizing your videos for search engines provides two advantages that can help your channel grow:
  • For starters, when someone searches for specific keywords, videos having the highest SEO ranking will come at the top of the results. As a result, the greatest strategy to attract free and organic traffic is to optimize your content for search engines.
  • Second, optimizing your videos increases the likelihood of their being suggested to YouTubers in the related videos section. In other words, YouTube will automatically promote your content.

Video Reoptimization 

Because the internet is an ever-changing platform, what worked for you in the past may no longer work. Videos that are now at the top of the search results are likely to be pushed down as time passes. Keywords that have driven films to the top of the pile were popular at one time, but times change, and the popularity and strength of those words change as well.

This is where the re-optimization of the video comes in. It's a good idea to revisit older videos and see if the titles, descriptions, tags, and even thumbnails still have the same impact as they had when they were first launched.

You can use Tubebuddy to check the title to see if the keywords you chose are still as strong as they were before; if they aren't, you should alter them naturally. This may entail modifying the title of your video, but this alone can help your video rise to the top after it has been forgotten and washed up.

Similarly, after using the keyword research tool, you may make changes to the description and tags. Your old videos will be regularly updated and recycled in this manner, and they will never be forgotten.

When it Comes to Recycling

You can go back and repost old videos in the community section. This provides anyone who missed them the first time a second chance to see them.

If it doesn't work out, you may always modify your previous videos and repurpose them. Alternatively, if you're unhappy with the quality of a particular video, you can hide or erase it and start over. It may seem tedious, but it will ensure that you and your viewers are happy with your material.

2. Quality Content

Don't just post garbage on your channel; let people enjoy it, provide value, and do something that helps others, and you'll find that people will instantly help you and support you by subscribing to your channel, liking and sharing your videos, and much more.

3. Consistency

Continuity is the release of regular videos. There are no rules here; You can aim to publish one video per week or 2 videos per month until you can do it consistently. This provides your visitors with something to anticipate and return to. Also, by releasing videos consistently, you need to be patient as well as improve the quality of your videos.

4. Patience

A lot of people who start a YouTube channel lose hope after a month or two, which is wrong. Don't give up on YouTube; You just have to be patient. A year later on YouTube, many channels have received a push, and it has been growing ever since, with many examples. Don't give up; Keep making good videos and try not to get caught up too much in the short-term results; Always think long-term focus.

Ways to get 1000K subscribers

Bonus Tip: Be familiar with ad revenue analytics

There are two metrics on YouTube in particular that you should keep a watch on:

1. RPM: stands for Revenue Every Mille, which is a measure that shows how much money you've made per 1,000 video views. Ads, Channel Memberships, YouTube Premium income, Super Chat, and Super Stickers are just a few of the revenue sources used to calculate RPM.

2. CPM: 1,000 impressions (CPM) is a measure that shows how much dollars marketers spend on YouTube advertising. In YouTube Analytics, you'll notice a few distinct CPM metrics:

  • CPM: Cost per 1,000 ad impressions paid by an advertiser. Every time an advertisement is displayed, an ad impression is recorded.
  • Playback-based CPM: The price paid by an advertiser for 1,000 video playbacks in which an ad is shown.
You must locate the right keywords to include in the title, description, and tags of your videos if you want to make more money with the same number of views and subscribers.

You may analyze the keywords with the maximum CPC worldwide or in individual countries using the keyword tools. As a result, your videos will attract advertising with a higher CPC, allowing you to earn more with each click and view.


There are no secret strategies or shortcuts. Here are four important tips to help you get 100k YouTube followers Patience, consistency, quality, and video optimization are all important factors to consider. Thank you for reading so far. 

Remember, if you have any recommendations, would like to add something, or believe I missed something, please let me know in the comments section below.