9 Best Keyword Research Tools in SEO 2022 (Including Free Options)

9 Best Keyword Research Tools in SEO 2022 (Including Free Options)

I've assembled a list of the best keyword research tools in SEO that will quickly boost your Organic ranking. What for? That's because, without a question, keyword research is now the most crucial part of SEO.

Discovering quality keywords leads to higher ROI if you're blogging from the beginning or revamping your content strategy. There are dozens of tools to assist you in this endeavor.

This listicle is the outcome of my experience in the digital marketing industry. I've used every one of these tools and discovered them to be extremely important for guiding the content study.

So, without any ado, let's get started.

The 9 Best Keyword Research Tools to Help You Improve Your SEO

Some of these keyword research tools are free, and others are not. Regardless of price, they're all beneficial to enhance your ranking. Let's start with a keyword tool from Google, the world's biggest search engine.

1. Google Keyword Planner - Experts' Choice

Do you want to learn how to use Google's massive term database to your advantage? You'll find a plethora of possibilities in the Keyword Planner. The reality that this is up with Google is a strong reason to be used.

Google Keyword Planner

Neither SEO tool can guarantee accuracy, while Google Keyword Planner's statistics are trustworthy. To attract the correct people to your blog or website, choose the right keywords. 

Standout Features
  • Relevance of keywords.
  • Monthly searches on average.
  • Competition in general.
  • Bids range from low to high at the top of the page.
The Keyword Planner appeals to me because it gives information extending from primitive to pro-level. You aren't limited to a single keyword, for example. You can always use up to 10 large phrases.

Keyword Planner actually makes it so much easier to produce relevant keywords out of a site. It's also completely free for the rest of your life. Isn't it fantastic?

2. KWFinder – Best for Long Tail Keywords

Do you want to identify long-tail keywords which are important to rank for? Mangools' KWFinder can assist you in achieving this goal. Without a doubt, it's one of the best long-tail keyword research tools in the world. Do you have any doubts? Here's a link to a free trial of KWFinder.

KWFinder – Best for Long Tail Keywords

You may also look for long tails by keyword and domain. It means you can get a list of all the keywords for a specific website or for a seed keyword. 

Standout Features
  • Search.
  • Keyword difficulty.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • Domain Authority.
  • FB, CF, TF, Links, LPS, and more.
KWFinder makes it simple to best find keywords. All of the following information, as well as pertinent historical data, is available. The user interface is also shockingly simple. It means that even if you're a newbie, you can harness its full potential.


KWFinder is included in the Mangools bundle, which also contains four additional SEO tools. There are only just a few free inquiries allowed with this keyword planner. Use their annual plan to save up to 40%.

Basic - $30 (Small Businesses).
Premium - $40 Startups & Blogs).
Agency - $80 (eCommerce).

3. SEMRush Keyword Research Tool - Pro-Level 

SEMRush can be a very useful tool if you want to keep all of your content research under one roof. It enables you to evaluate a domain, conduct keyword research, and steal terms from your competition.

There's more, though. You may also use the program to find link-building possibilities and improve Technical SEO.

SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

I like how SEMRush provides a 'Keyword Overview.' Keyword difficulty, search volume, trends, CPC, and more are all listed in this section. It also gives you an overview of the overall trend for your keywords and keyword variations.

Standout Features
  • Discover suggestions for ad groups and long-tail keywords.
  • Get an annual keyword trend report.
  • Statistics on CPC prevalence all around the world
  • The entire keyword research toolbox is available to you.
  • Insights into organic traffic and keyword difficulty

SEMrush offers a free seven-day trial of its service. You must input credit card information to gain access to the trial, but there are no costs if you cancel your subscription during the first seven days.

SEMrush offers four pricing options. Annual billing is required for the greatest deals.
  • Pro – Starts at $99.95 per month.
  • Guru – Starts at $191.62 per month.
  • Business – $374.95 per month.
  • Enterprise – You can custom-fit a plan for your needs.

4. Moz Keyword Explorer

One of the really effective keyword research tools in the world is Moz Keyword Explorer. And it's due to its excellent function of smoothly assisting you with your SEO campaigns. 

The tool allows you to examine terms based on the number of searches, lists, and queries.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword difficulty, volume, CTR, and other metrics help you predict your SEO victories. You may also use the tool to review SERP details by term. Moz's keyword difficulty and domain authority are my favorites. Without a doubt, Moz's two features are particularly reliable.

To cut a long tale short, Moz's Keyword Explorer makes complicated analysis simple in minutes.


If you create a free Moz account, you'll get 10 free queries every month.
  • STANDARD - $99 per month.
  • MEDIUM - $179 per month. 
  • LARGE - $249 per month. 
  • PREMIUM - $599 per month. 
Read More: 

5. Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest, invented by Neil Patel, is no longer a laughingstock. Within a few days, it'll be good enough to help you optimize your SEO Game. Without a doubt, Ubersuggest generates amazing keywords and performs sophisticated competitor analysis.


Ubersuggest's 'Keyword Analysis' shows all the keyword's essential stats. Search traffic, direct and paid complexity, CPC, and many other parameters are among them. In addition, the tool assists you in deciding on previous keyword data.

The 'Keyword Ideas' part of Ubersuggest is my favorite because it shows you all of the relevant keywords. It's also simple to conduct a SERPs analysis.

  • Individual - $12 per month.
  • Business - $20 per month.
  • Enterprise / Agency - $40 per month.
Ubersuggest, by the way, provides a lifetime subscription that ranges from $120 to $400. Every blogger's life objective is to increase organic traffic as quickly as possible. Why not try the once-in-a-lifetime deal?

6. H-Supertools - Top Free Keyword Research Tools For Everyone

If you're reading this for the first time, you're probably aware that I own H-Supertools. However, you are aware that I am a firm believer in and practitioner of honesty. As a result, please understand that I have not put it here only because I own the tools.

H-Supertools - Top Free Keyword Research Tools

There are numerous advantages of using H-Supertools to conduct keyword research:
  • It's a keyword research tool that's available for free.
  • Allows you to use the Deep Search feature for up to 50 thousand keywords.
  • In seconds, you can find terms with high search volume.
  • In minutes, you'll have a ton of long-tail keywords.
  • Allows you to copy and export keywords.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • Data precision to be commended
I built the H-Supertools because I wanted to offer you free assistance with digital marketing. However, just because you're using the tools for free doesn't imply you'll sacrifice quality. It uses data from reputable sources such as Google Keyword Planner.

The monthly volume, paid competition, keyword difficulty, and CPC are all displayed in the H-Supertools Keyword Research Tool. There's more, though. H-Supertools can assist you with a lot more than keyword research. 

It also comes with a slew of other tools to assist you in realizing your digital ambitions:
  • Free Image Editor
  • SEO Analyzer For Free 
  • Email Validator For free 
  • Free Questions Explorer 
  • Free Hashtag Generator 
  • Bulk Email Validation For Free
  • YouTube Keyword Tool For Free 
  • Bulk Keyword Data Tool For Free 
  • Email TXT Extraction Tool For Free
  • Free Affiliate Programs (Updated Weekly)

7. Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs - The Best Overall

For everything from keyword research to website analysis, Ahrefs is my go-to tool. It has the most keywords of any tool on the planet. From search volume to backlinks to social shares, the tool contains solid data.

Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs

Now let us take a quick look there at Keyword Finder, an Ahrefs keyword analyzer. Without a doubt, it adds a lot of benefits to any Seo campaign. 

To begin with, it does not restrict you to merely exploring Google. You may also search YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other sites.

Ahrefs' keyword research is extremely thorough. Keyword difficulty, search volume, CTR, CPS, and paid clicks can all be estimated. The tool also displays the search volume as well as the percentage of searches from other countries.


Ahrefs offers four different pricing options. If you choose an annual payment plan, the pricing for freelancers, internet marketers, mid-sized enterprises, and larger corporations starts at just $82 per month.

On their Lite and Standard subscription tiers, they do give a trial offer ($7 for 7 days).

8. AnswerThePublic: My Favorite Content Research Tool 

Do you wish to come up with a ton of blog post ideas ahead of time? For that, AnswerThePublic must be your go-to resource. AnswerThePublic's best feature is how it provides so much valuable quality content from a human perspective.


AnswerThePublic is a visual keyword research tool that displays content suggestions in a cloud format. You might, for example, have inquiries about a specific keyword. You can also ask any question you want, ranging from what, when, and who to where, why, and how.

Keywords and content ideas fall into the following categories:
  • Inquiries (why, when, where, and more)
  • Prepositions  (is, for, with, to, and more)
  • Comparative analysis (and, vs, or, and more)
  • Alphabetical order (keywords from a to z)
  • in relation to (keywords)
Isn't it fantastic? Users can save the CSV file using all of the relevant keywords and article ideas afterward. AnswerThePublic, in my opinion, is an exceptionally useful tool for deciphering the human brain for a specific keyword.

However, it isn't a sophisticated keyword research tool, and it doesn't display search volume, keyword difficulty, or CPC. AnswerThePublic is free for three attempts, after which you must pay $99 per month or $79 per month if you pay for a complete year in advance.

9. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a superb tool for business and content creators who are in a hurry and want keyword suggestions or ranking complexity to stand alongside their search engine results.


Content outline creation is a new option that allows you to quickly create content outlines for your website, replete with topics, headers, photos, word counts, and links, with just one click.

It also lets you examine a rival's profile, which contains backlink data, organic keywords, Google/Facebook ad data, and other pertinent data.

Standout Features
  • Content outlines with AI.
  • Tracking keyword rankings.
  • Accurate difficulty ranking.
  • Long-tail keyword. 
  • Keyword data that can be exported.
  • Word count per page.

GrowthBar provides a free 5-day trial following which you'll be charged according to the package you select. Anyone can explore such an endless number of keywords with the higher-tier plan.
  • Pro – $29/month.
  • Scale – $79/month.

Final Thoughts: Top Keyword Research Tools

Without a question, keyword research methodology is an important part of determining your SEO ranking. That's why the keyword research software you utilize for your website or blog is important. Also, it's possible you'll need more than one tool at times.

Do you want to take advantage of Google's database? Look into using the Keyword Planner. If you want to buy a pro tool, Ahrefs and SEMRush are two options. Are you looking for a way to save time? Select KWFinder. Up for a free-forever keyword research tool? H-Supertools is a great tool to have.

I believe you will find my list of the best SEO keyword research tools for improving your content strategy useful. Which one is your top choice? Feel free to comment below.