Top 21 Email Marketing Tracking Tools You Must Be Using Right Now

Top 21 Email Marketing Tracking Tools You Must Be Using Right Now

Without a question, Email Marketing is effective. It has a 122 % return on investment, which is four times better than any other digital marketing medium. Only by starting to use the greatest email marketing tracking tools will you be able to reach the mark.

Following the tools, I'll guide you in building up your email marketing program tracking. I've also come up with a pleasant surprise for you. 
You may use marketing to advertise your app, earn money from it, and even offer freelance marketing services.

Doesn't that sound fantastic? Let's get started.

Why Email Marketing Tracking Tools are Important?

It's simple to get a round-up of email tracking software when you search for it. Most shaped, on the other hand, merely include email tracking software that shows you an email was opened or not, and nothing more. 
Therefore, knowing whether your email was opened or not, isn't enough. 
  • It doesn't say where in the buyer's journey that person is. 
  • It doesn't clarify when they connected or what happened afterward. 
  • Therefore it doesn't assist you to know the relevance of email in your overall business strategy.
How do you move a lead ahead if you know someone has opened your email and clicked on a link, for example? You have no idea which links they clicked, whether that individual has already interacted with your brand or team, or where and what they did on your website after the click-through. 

So, what are your options for using that email tracking data?

Rather than providing a number of simple email open monitoring tools, we've compiled a list of tools that may help you track your email marketing campaigns and sales operations from beginning to end, and we've organized them by use case: 
  • Email open and engagement tracking tools 
  • Email tracking software is included in marketing and sales software. 
  • Tools for determining the quality of an email list and subscriber engagement 
  • With powerful analytics, all-in-one email marketing tracking tools are available.

The Best Tools for Tracking Email Opens and Engagement

While it shouldn't be the only aspect of your email marketing that you track, knowing who opens your emails can help you remove inactive subscribers, modify subject lines, and more.

The tools listed here can enable you to monitor email engagements, and they're more than only email-viewed receipts. They will display to you how several times an email has been forwarded and also how many times it was viewed. They provide link tracking as well as additional email engagement metrics.

1. Mailtrack

  • Supported email service: Gmail.
  • pricing: Mailtrack has a free tier that is only available for a limited time. The monthly fee for their paid Pro tier is $9.99.
Mailtrack is yet another Gmail email-tracking tool that operates as a Google Chrome extension. Mailtrack's product is one of the most capable, including at-a-glance interaction information, a dashboard to view all tracked emails, and mobile support.

2. Right Inbox

Right Inbox
  • Supported email service: Gmail
  • pricing: A limited free version of Right Inbox is available. The pricing of a subscription service starts at $5.95 per month. There are also team options available, which cost $4.95 per user/month.
Right Inbox is a Google Chrome extension that works with Gmail to help you get more done with your email. 
With the email tracking tool, you can see who reads and clicks on your emails, how many times they do so, and when they do so. Right Inbox also has email reminders, sequences, and scheduling tools in addition to email tracking.

3. Streak

  • Supported email service: Gmail.
  • pricing: A free plan is available from Streak. Paid tiers begin at $49 per month per user.
Streak, a Google Chrome extension for Gmail, differentiates itself from other open monitoring tools by emphasizing relationship management—effectively it's a CRM solution put directly into your email.

Follow leads as they progress through your sales funnel and collaborate with your team with automated sharing.

4. SalesHandy

  • Supported email service: Gmail and Outlook
  • pricing: Gmail users can utilize SalesHandy to track unlimited emails for free for the rest of their lives. The normal plan for Outlook starts at $9 per user per month.
SalesHandy is a one-of-a-kind email monitoring application that allows you to track and schedule emails in Gmail for free for the rest of your life. It lacks a branded email signature, unlike other free utilities. 
For any Windows machine, SalesHandy also provides an Outlook email tracker add-in.

SalesHandy gives you tips on how to boost your email productivity. Each time you enter a mail or click on a link, you get an instant desktop notification. 

You may also create and store email templates while on the road.

5. GMass


  • Supported email serviceGmail.
  • pricing: Starts at $ 12.95 per month.
You don't have to abandon Gmail for your email marketing if you've been using it for a while. All without exiting the Gmail interface, you can send mail combines, cold emails, and organize these. 

For Gmail or Google Workspace users, this is fantastic. From open rates to click rates, Glass provides email tracking information. You can also analyze your mailing lists before delivering them emails.

6. Mailtrack Hunter

Mailtrack Hunter
  • Supported email service: Gmail.
  • pricing: Hunter’s MailTracker is free for every person.
Hunter's MailTracker is a free and easy-to-use Gmail email-tracking application. You won't have to guess whether or not your emails have been opened and read after you've installed MailTracker. 

You'll also be allowed to really see the tracking information in your Gmail as soon as your targets open your emails. Mail Tracking shows you whenever, how several times, and to which devices your email was viewed.

7. MailTag

  • Supported email service: Gmail.
  • pricing: $9.99 for every user / per month.
MailTag is among the few active tracking tools which also offer a significant summary of your overall click-through rate, link-click levels, as well as other analytics. MailTag also adds another layer of automation to your mailbox including its Pings option, which allows users to set up continuous follow-ups.

8. AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software
  • pricing: The first ten days of service are completely free. It also costs $12.85 per month or $79.85 annually.
Atomic Email Tracker is a web-based tool for determining the effectiveness of email newsletters. Find out who your subscribers are (IP address, nationality) when they read your email, which links they click on, and what DR and OR they have. 

Using this tool, you can keep track of the outcomes of the mailing list and make conclusions.

The Best Marketing and Sales Software With Email Tracking

In some way or another, many of today's sales and marketing software products enable email marketing and tracking. In addition to their main sales and marketing abilities, the programs in this category shine out for their email tracking and monitoring features.

9. Getresponse 

  • pricing: Starts at $15 per month.
It's also a potent email marketing tool with appealing layouts and a simple user interface. The business ensures that your emails are delivered. You have complete freedom to produce as many newsletters and autoresponders as you want.

Through GetResponse, you will automate your emails and deliver receipts using SMTP-powered mail. All the email advertising strategies are dependable, permitting you to optimize business financial returns. You would do much more than promote your brand.

GetResponse provides that businesses gather feedback from their clients. You may also maintain all of your marketing apps under one roof with third-party connectors.

10. Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot
  • pricing: For up to 10,000 contacts, the price starts at $1,250 per month.
The marketing aspect of email tracking is the emphasis of Pardot's B2B marketing automation software. With the purpose of maximizing every part of your email marketing automation activities, their system includes assistance for email A/B testing, rendering, and SPAM filter check-ups.

11. HubSpot

  • pricing: All of HubSpot's tools come with a free plan. Both the Marketing and Sales Hubs have paid options that start at $50 per month.
All of HubSpot's tools come with a free plan. Both the Marketing and Sales Hubs have paid options that start at $50 per month. HubSpot provides marketing and sales solutions, and each Hub has its own email tracking features which are customized to communicators' and salespeople's requirements. 

The HubSpot Sales Hub keeps track of email openings and interactions and automatically enters that data into each prospect's CRM. A/B comparing emails is provided by Promotional Center, and filled tracking assists understand the wider context of email's contribution. 

12. Mailchimp


  • pricing: They offer a limited Free plan, and Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

Mailchimp started out as an email marketing pioneer, but they've lately expanded to include marketing automation products and channels as well. With A/B testing, powerful email analytics, and all the other email automation capabilities you need, their early roots are still visible.

13. Debounce

  • pricing: Starting at $5 for 5000 verifications
You've run your campaigns and collected a large number of email addresses, but you're still not seeing a good return on your investment. And you're perplexed! 

DeBounce enters the picture at this point. It's a quick and accurate email validation tool for removing spam and deleted emails from your inbox.

For examining your email list, DeBounce is a fantastic tool. It cleans your email list, reduces bouncing, and provides integrations. Yes, you can integrate with Mailchimp, Convertkit, WordPress, and other third-party email marketing tools.

14. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight
  • Supported email service: Gmail and Outlook (the highest tier is only available for Gmail).
  • pricing: Starts at $27 per month.
Cirrus Insight is a little different from the rest of the email tools on our list in that it's essentially sales software that's administered and maintained totally from your email inbox.

Because of their focus on email, they provide comprehensive email tracking and analytics, as well as less usual capabilities such as attachment tracking and email templates.

The Best Tools for Evaluating the Quality of Your Email List and Subscriber Engagement

List quality is a facet of email tracking that is frequently disregarded. All of your other email analytics suffer when your lists are of poor quality and consist of non-engaged, disinterested users. The tools in this area can help you in confirming all your emails are addressed to actual, engaging individuals.

15. NeverBounce

  • pricing: For up to 10k emails, their price starts at $0.008 per email. From then, volume savings apply.
NeverBounce is an email verification and cleaning service for large companies. The software sits on top of your email marketing system and double-checks your email lists before sending each message. 

You can submit massive emails to NeverBounce and grab the purified edition with no effort.

16. Kickbox

  • pricing: Starting at $5 for 500 verifications.
Sending emails to misspelled or nonexistent email addresses is the quickest way to ruin your email marketing efforts. Kickbox is a plugin that operates in front of powerful marketing management and email campaign tools, confirming addresses in actual time before delivering.

  • pricing: For 2,500 email verifications, the price starts at $19. promises to clean your email lists- so you can truly trust and draw insights from other data like email open rates, bounce rate, click-throughs, and more- with a focus on safeguarding your sender reputation score.

Top Email Marketing Tools with Robust Analytics

While there are always add-ons and supplementary tools that can provide more information about your email performance, there's no alternative for choosing the correct email service provider (ESP) to begin with. These are all top-tier email service providers with some of the greatest email analytics available.

18. ActiveCampaign

  • pricing: For up to 500 contacts, it starts at $7.50 per month.
ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that delivers more than just email marketing. ActiveCampaign makes it simple to optimize emails for opens, clicks, and transactions by focusing on split testing for improvement.

19. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor
  • pricing: $9 per month for up to 2,500 emails.
Campaign Monitor is a well-known email marketing service provider for making it simple to send visually appealing emails, but their email analytics services aren't bad either. Campaign Monitor, which bills itself as a "complete analytics package," provides a detailed breakdown of the geography, acquisition, and engagement for each campaign.

20. EmailAnalytics

  • Supported email services: Gmail and G Suite.
  • pricing: They offer a fully-featured 14-day free trial, and Paid plans start at $5 per month.
EmailAnalytics is a tool that visualizes your or your workers' email activity. It quickly identifies your busiest email days, hours of the day, and top senders and receivers. Also measures the average email response time, which is an important KPI for sales and customer care departments. 

It also provides you daily or weekly email activity reports, making it simple to keep track of and enhancing team email productivity.

  • pricing: $150 per month. is on the more expensive end of the email marketing tool scale, but the email stats and data it provides more than makeup for it. Unlike many ESPs,'s email analytics place a greater emphasis on the end goal (i.e. sales and revenue) rather than vanity metrics.

Email Marketing Tracking Tools: Which One is Your Favorite?

Without a question, all the email marketing tracking tools and software can take you to another level. All you have to do now is use them correctly to get the most out of your email marketing efforts in terms of ROI and tracking.

If you want a better result, GMass is the way to go. If you really want the all-email marketing package, do it with ActiveCampaign. Alternatively, consider these arguments for establishing an email marketing strategy.

Whatever your current needs are, any of the tools listed above will help you better measure and enhance your email game- and, after all, isn't that what it's all about?

Also, please tell me which email marketing tool you prefer. Feel free to comment below.